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Introduction to Ruedamann Accessibility
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Ruedamann is an enterprise integrating industry and trade. The company has advanced product production equipment, professional product development designers and excellent marketing team and a wide range of partners at home and abroad.

The company's main products are aluminum alloy ramps, aluminum room aisles, step wheelchair ramps, threshold barrier-free ramp boards, aluminum alloy telescopic ramp boards, portable mobile ramp boards and other products made of aluminum alloy. They are widely used and easy to carry. , Quality assurance, beautiful appearance, and also produces a series of shower products specially developed for elderly friends and the disabled, such as bathroom armrests, folding shower chairs, auxiliary chairs, auxiliary armrests, shower handles and a series of products. Love and praise from customers at home and abroad, and we can also customize some special products according to customer needs.

Rudaman started to design and sell barrier-free ramps through foreign trade in 2004. Its products are exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and other developed countries. It is one of the largest barrier-free ramp suppliers in these countries and regions. Having been deeply involved in the barrier-free ramp industry for more than ten years, Ruedamann was invited to participate in discussions on the formulation of barrier-free ramp product quality certification standards by domestic and foreign authoritative organizations such as TUV and China Center for Assistive Devices for the Disabled. So far, in the German TUV company's product database, Rudaman is the only domestic manufacturer of barrier-free ramp products that has obtained GS-mark certification. In addition, it has also obtained European CE and US FDA certification.

In 2013, Rudaman began to promote barrier-free ramps in China, and was the first manufacturer of China Disabled Persons’ Federation Assistive Devices Center to apply for performance testing of ramp products. In 2017, it participated in the formulation of national standards for the barrier-free ramp industry, and is a benchmark enterprise integrating research, production and sales in the field of barrier-free ramps in China.