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Cleverly designed and freely spliced barrier-free ramp suitable for electric wheelchairs to cross th
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Many elderly people who use electric wheelchairs or smart electric scooters for the elderly have encountered this problem: barrier-free passages are designed in most places in their homes or communities, but in many cases they are in front of the building or in front of the anti-theft door. The threshold has become the last obstacle to the use of electric wheelchairs or scooters.

This is a rubber-made slope board. Different from the traditional slope board, this design is independently assembled. It is assembled from many small pieces into a slope. It can be spliced at any height and length to meet various needs. At the same time, rubber The friction coefficient is relatively high, it will not slide when installed on the ground, is firm and wear-resistant, and is very suitable for barrier-free use of small slopes and ridges.

This kind of slope foot pad has professional design, reasonable slope, strong pressure resistance, strong practicability, convenient use, and can be disassembled and moved at will. It can be docked with various steps to achieve barrier-free displacement. It is suitable for entrances and exits such as room door, restaurant door and bathroom door.

Elderly friends who use electric wheelchairs or smart electric scooters for the elderly, if they encounter barriers similar to this threshold, they may wish to consider this kind of ramp, which does not occupy space, is convenient to install according to actual needs, is durable and costly Not much, very good.