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Motorcycle ramp
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Motorcycle ramp

Stair ramp board for electric vehicle


Model: AR-20

Color classification: high-side type AR20-B-1m (1 meter long single block) high-side type AR20-B-1m (1 meter long 1 pair) flat type AR20-1.2m (1.2 meter long single block) flat type AR20- 1.2m (1.2m long pair) High-side type AR20-B-1.5m (1.5m long single piece) High-side type AR20-B-1.5m (1.5m long pair) Flat type AR20-2m (folding type 2 Meter single piece) Planar AR20-2m (a pair of folded 2 meters) Frosted AR-20B-1m (1 meter long single block) Frosted AR-20B-1m (1 meter long pair) Frosted AR-20B-1.5m (1.5m long single block) Frosted AR-20B-1.5m (1.5m long pair) Frosted AR-20B1.8m (folded 1.8m single block) Frosted AR-20B1.8m (folded 1.8m pair)



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