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With portable barrier-free ramp (ramp board)
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  As we get older, our body functions decline and osteoporosis causes inconvenience. This is a normal process of human life. These elderly people with limited mobility have to use travel aids such as crutches and wheelchairs to maintain normal travel.

  People's psychological changes are very strange. Just like these elderly people who have just used wheelchairs, most of them will think in their hearts: Will they be treated as disabled people in the future? Will people be treated as disabled? Wait for the "heart".

  Although time can heal everything, it is hard to overcome psychological obstacles and regain self-confidence to face the rest of life, but on the way to use it encounters various steps of "hurdles"-various steps will hinder the daily travel of the elderly Become a hurdle on their way out.

  Features of barrier-free ramp slope board: lightweight, a special fiber composed of carbon elements, its graphite microcrystalline structure is preferentially oriented along the fiber axis, so it has high strength and modulus along the fiber axis, and can greatly reduce the product weight. It can be easily carried by the elderly and people with weak physical strength; it can be hidden in the back pocket of the wheelchair after folding, which is light and convenient.

  The barrier-free ramp board is easy to use, and the bi-fold structure is easy to install and disassemble. After placing the folding inclined table in the desired position, unfold the product and hang it on the inclined table. Pay attention to the correct placement so that the red line at the upper end matches the edge of the inclined table, so as to ensure sufficient depth.